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Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2011!


While our nation is still relatively young in comparison to ancient civilizations, our founding fathers were able to base many of their beliefs on ancient Greek ideals.  One of these, “arÍte”, is a driving force that makes people strive for excellence of the mind, body, and spirit, pushing themselves to reach for higher knowledge and education, with the determination to succeed.  By graduating this year, it is evident that you have employed all your competence to reach your goals.


On behalf of the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation, I congratulate all 2011 graduates for their dedication and hard work.  This success is no small endeavor, and you should all be proud for this your personal triumph.  This opportunity is not available to all men and women of this world, but it has become available to you.  And if you have been one of our Scholarship Recipients, I am glad we were able to help.


Now, as you all move toward another chapter of your lives, always strive to achieve “arÍte”, or excellence, and let that continue to be a driving force in all your efforts.  Be cognizant and proud of your successes, but also be aware of the responsibilities that go with them.  This belief should always be at the core of your mission, as you move forward in life, and only with this conviction can you become a valuable and engaged citizen, for yourself, your family, and for a better America.


Congratulations Class of 2011! 



Chris P. Tomaras

Chairman, Board of Directors