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PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation sets Goal of $150 - $200 K for 2007 to surpass last year's Scholarship Awards



"Continuing on the course with promoting education for Greek-American students, this year we intend to surpass our previous year's number of scholarship awards of $10,000 each," said Chris Tomaras, Chairman of the Foundation.  "Considering education as the foremost ingredient for human development, we assist our youth to reach their highest potential and excel in their fields of endeavor so that they can benefit themselves and their fellow-man, all of which reflects on the Greek-American Community," added Tomaras.


"Unlike programs that offer dozens of small grants, our $10,000 scholarship awards often mean the difference between a promising Greek-American student getting a college education or not," said John Apostolou, Chairman of the Foundation's Advisory Board, and added: "Through the generosity of our major donors, and the community at large, we expect this year to increase the number of recipients over last year by selecting additional candidates with financial need and high academic achievement." 


The Foundation will continue to offer potential donors the opportunity to provide a Scholarship with the name of their own choice.  "Every donation is welcome, regardless of the amount," said Tomaras, "but our $10,000 'Named Scholarships' are a unique opportunity to remember a parent or loved one, or create additional awareness and goodwill for one's business.  With the donations being tax deductible, I encourage those interested to call me directly for further details."


The Foundation's 2007 Awards Gala will be held on Saturday evening, Nov. 3, at the University Club of Chicago on Michigan Avenue. "We'll be announcing appearances by some world-renowned figures, ensuring that the event will be truly memorable for those attending," continued Tomaras.  "Please save the date."     


The deadline for applications is August 31; the form can be downloaded from the Foundation's website at  You can also make your contribution online or mail it to our office.


Originally founded as the Pan-Messinian Scholarship Foundation, the Foundation's name was changed in 2003 to reflect the eligibility of all Greek-American high school graduates and university students across the nation. The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation has been accepted for listing on, the premier student aid website.