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The PHSF's Advisory Board Plans for a Memorable 2017 Awards Ceremony & Gala


On Thursday, March 9, 2017, the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation held the first of its bi-annual Advisory Board (PHAB) meetings at Athena Restaurant in Chicago. The meeting was held in preparation for the Foundation's annual Awards Ceremony & Gala, which will take place at the Hilton Chicago on Saturday, June 17, 2017. Members of the Foundation's Board of Directors and Academic Committee were also in attendance.


Board Chairman and Advisory Board Co-Chair Robert A. Buhler presided over the meeting, along with Advisory Board Co-Chair Violetta Kapsalis Buhler. The PHAB discussed how members will contribute to the growth of the Foundation, and help build Founder Chris Tomaras' dream for the organization. Secretary Athan Tom Sotos spoke briefly about the history and mission of the Foundation, and Treasurer John Manos outlined a plan to develop committees to focus on key areas of growth. Later this month, the PHAB will finalize these committees, which will concentrate on: 1) Fundraising, 2) Alumni Relations, 3) National Outreach, 4) Gala, 5) Scholarship Process, 6) Communications, and 7) Paradigm Award.

From left to right: Gus M. & Gail Pablecas, PHAB members; PHAB meeting at Athena Restaurant, Chicago;
George & Jamie Reveliotis, PHAB members.


All members of the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and Academic Committee are very grateful to have the opportunity to help build and grow the Foundation even beyond what Mr. Tomaras dreamed. They are dedicated to his legacy, and supportive of the mission of the Foundation. But perhaps most importantly, all are devoted to helping bright and exceptional young Hellenes pursue their education and achieve their own dreams.


Mr. Buhler, Board Chairman and PHAB Co-Chair, said, "I am grateful to each of these individuals who have dedicated their time and effort to the mission of the PanHellenic. Together, we will continue to grow the Foundation and further its national reach, expand educational opportunities for young Hellenes, and become the preeminent Greek American scholarship organization for undergraduates across the country. We are looking forward to building the Foundation into everything Mr. Tomaras dreamed it could be."


The 2017 Awards Ceremony & Gala will be held at the Hilton Chicago on Saturday, June 17. Please join us to celebrate and honor our exceptional scholarship recipients. Visit our website and register to receive your invitation. For more information, visit or call (312) 357-6432.

Dr. Jeanne Novas-Busano;
Andreas Kosmas and
Hon. Anna Demacopoulos Kosmas;
Angelo Loukas

Chris P. Tomaras (1937 2015) Founder
Robert A. Buhler Chairman
John G. Manos Treasurer
Athan Tom P. Sotos, Esq. Secretary
Tassos F. Chronopoulos Director
John W. Galanis, Esq. Director
Demitrios L. Kozonis Director
Dr. George I. Skarpathiotis Director
John T. Sotos Director
Anastasia Svigos, Esq. Director
Yanni A. Valsamas Director

Angelo G. Bravos, Ph.D.

Constantine Georgakis, Ph.D. Chairman
Thanasis Economou, Ph.D.
Anastasia Giannakidou, Ph.D.
Georgia S. Mitchell, MFA
Anita Skarpathiotis, MA
Christos G. Takoudis, Ph.D.

Robert & Violetta Kapsalis Buhler Co-Chairs
His Grace Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos
Roula Alakiotou
Ted & Demetra Argeroplos
Peter Bartzis
Hon. James Booras
Dimitri & Eleni Bousis
Dr. George & Rae Bovis
Hon. Peggy Chiampas
Constantine P. Kanellos & Hariklia "Carrie" Karis
Hon. Peter G. Karahalios & Anastasia Terovolas
Dean & Dr. Julie Karnazes
Hon. Anna Demacopoulos Kosmas & Andreas Kosmas
Nick & Vicky Halikias Kournetas
Dean & Maria Lampros
Angelo & Ursula Loukas
Jonathan & Georgia Man
Dr. Jeanne Novas-Busano & Al Busano
Gus M. & Gail Pablecas
Dr. Peter & Estelle Panton
Drs. Tom & Kathy Petropulos
Lee Polydor
George & Jamie Reveliotis
Dr. John Sarantopoulos
William & Georgia Spears
Bill & Peggy Vranas