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Sen. Sarbanes and Rep. Bilirakis to be Honored, Legendary Glykeria special guest, at PanHellenic Scholarship Awards Gala
$100,000 in Grants to be presented to 10 college-bound Greek-Americans at Oct. 29 event in Chicago; NBC's Anna Davlantes to Emcee


CHICAGO, IL - Sept. 23, 2005   Distinguished Greek-American lawmakers Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes of Maryland and Rep. Michael Bilirakis of Florida will receive the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation's first "Paradigm Awards" during its annual Awards Gala on October 29, 2005 at the prestigious University Club of Chicago.  "The whole point of our Scholarship Grant Program is to encourage successive generations of young Greek-Americans to strive, to achieve and to bring credit to themselves and to us all," explained PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation Founder and Chairman Chris P. Tomaras.  "We are all best taught by example, or paradigma in Greek, and for decades both Sen. Sarbanes and Rep. Bilirakis have been exemplary public servants not only for their respective constituencies, but for all of America's Hellenes as well.   "After long and distinguished careers Sen. Sarbanes and Rep. Bilirakis have announced that they will not seek re-election," continued Tomaras, "and we want to be among the first to thank them for their service, and the example they've given every generation of Greek-Americans to come."  

World-renowned songstress Glykeria, "the Platinum Voice of Greece," will be a Special Guest at the Oct. 29 event, and will add her voice to the evening's program.  "We are truly honored to have the legendary Glykeria joining us, and sharing a bit of her music with those who come to support our Scholarship Program," said Tomaras.  "It is all the more appropriate since this is the first year we will have expanded our criteria beyond academic excellence to include artistic talent, as well as financial need," he said.  "We're also honored to have NBC News' award-winning Anna Davlantes serving as Emcee at our 2005 Gala."     

This year the Foundation received nearly 6 times the applications it did in 2004, due in part to the launch of its new website, "Unlike programs that offer dozens of small grants, our $10,000 grants often mean the difference between a promising Greek-American getting a college education or not.  Through the generosity of our major donors, and the community at large, we are increasing the number of recipients from four last year to ten this year," explained Tomaras.   While the Foundation's Fund is close to its 2005 goal of $100,000, there are still several opportunities open for contributors or organizations to endow a Scholarship with the name of their own choice.  "Every donation is welcome, regardless of the amount," continued Tomaras, "but our $10,000 'Named Scholarships' are a unique opportunity to remember a parent or loved one, or create additional awareness and goodwill for one's business or organization.  I encourage those interested to call me directly for details on these tax-deductible donations."  Major contributors will be invited to meet Sen. Sarbanes, Rep. Bilirakis, Glykeria and the evening's other distinguished guests during a private pre-Gala reception in the President's Bar at the University Club.  The tax-deductible donation for the Awards Gala is $100 per person; reservations can be made with Mrs. Sotos at (312) 357-6432.

ABOUT PHSF: Originally founded in 1998 as the Pan-Messenian Scholarship Foundation, the Foundation's name was changed in 2003 to reflect the eligibility of all Greek-American high school graduates across the nation.  The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation has been accepted for listing on, the premier student aid website. The Foundation's logo depicts the Statue of Niki by Paionios (425 BC), donated by the Messenians of Nafpaktos to the temple of Zeus in Olympia.