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Scholarship Applications Deadline Aug. 31, 2008
A Quarter of a Million Dollars in Scholarships this Year



As a reminder to all scholarship applicants for the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation 2008 Awards, the deadline for submitting their applications is August 31, 2008.  This year's 25 winners will receive $10,000 each for a total of a Quarter of a Million Dollars.  Interested candidates are invited to visit our website for more details and an application form.   


Dr. Peter Diamandis, the 2008 Paradigm Award Recipient. We are delighted to announce the 2008 recipient of our Paradigm Award, Dr. Peter Diamandis. He is known throughout the world as the driving force behind the X Prize Foundation.  He is also the Chairman and CEO of Zero Gravity Corporation, and co-founder of Space Adventures, Ltd. "I find it most appropriate that this year's Paradigm Award recipient is Dr. Diamandis, whose personal story is an inspiration for us to shoot for the stars," said Mr. Tomaras.


John Metaxas, this year's gala host. The Foundation's 2008 Awards Gala will be held on Saturday evening, November 15, at the University Club of Chicago, and will be emceed by attorney, journalist and former anchor of CNN and CNCB John Metaxas.  "We're honored to have Mr. Metaxas as our Emcee, ensuring that the event will be truly memorable for all those attending, so please save the date," added Mr. Tomaras.


Every donation helps. By contributing to the means of funding a first-rate education, and helping relieve the burden of that effort, the Foundation hopes to provide our youth a platform for significant accomplishments over the course of their lives. Regardless of the size of your contribution, your participation in our scholarship fund gives you a reason to be proud for playing an important role in the life and success of a deserving student.  Please mail your check to our office or make a secure donation online through our website.