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Hellenic Birthright
Students Update Us on their Life-Changing Journey



Greece—a vacation location for some and an ancestral home for others. It is a country that is rich in history with people who believe in filoxenia. The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation is proud to have established Hellenic Birthright in 2012, a program specifically dedicated to exposing Greek-American students ages 18-25 to Greece for the very first time. This cultural enrichment and educational program allows students to explore different aspects of Greece, historical sites, and enjoy the lively culture while earning college credit. Other than airfare, all expenses are paid by the Foundation. There are 22 students participating in this year's program, which runs from June 19 to July 19. “We believe this is a life-changing opportunity for the students who have never been to Greece and we are grateful to our donors who made this possible,” said Chairman of the Foundation, Chris Tomaras.


After the selected students received their acceptance letters, many could not contain their curiosity and did some much-needed research before traveling to Greece. For some, this trip was their first time leaving the United States. As Hannah Malevitis states, “I know before I came on this trip I would do a Google search of Thessaloniki a numerous amount of times. I just wanted to know what to expect, but once I stepped off that plane all the assumptions I created in my mind for this place went completely out the window. It's the scent of fresh fish, the richness of the Greek coffee, and the beyond gorgeous scenery that will put your Google searches to shame.”


Eventually, their curiosity and excitement transformed into a sense of pride as the students started to feel an innate connection with their ancestral homeland. After spending only a few days in Greece, Christina Zikos states, “Three nights into this trip of a lifetime, and I've already experienced so much in this unique country. Even while staring at the landscape, looking at its distinct topography and shoreline as I flew into Greece's airspace, it was hard to believe I was finally here: the place my parents once called home.”


Currently, these students continue to explore different parts of Greece as their curriculum complements their experiences. Please visit our blog where all Hellenic Birthright participants keep weekly journals documenting this life-changing experience.


For questions about Hellenic Birthright and to learn how you can become a sponsor, please contact our office at (312) 357-6432 or click here.


Thank you for giving Greek American students their birth given right and

making it possible for them to visit Greece for the very first time.

Premier Founding Sponsors: $25,000+
Stavros Niarchos Foundation (2012)
Mr. Chris P. Tomaras (2012, 2013, 2015)

Founding Sponsors: $5,000+
Mrs. Roula Alakiotou (2015)
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Argeroplos (2015)
Ms. Helen Tomaras-Astin (2012, 2013, 2015)
The Nicholas J. and Anna K. Bouras Foundation (2013)
The Violetta Kapsalis and Robert Andrew Buhler Family (2012, 2013)
Tassos F. Chronopoulos Family (2015)
Mr. Angelo Loukas (2013)
John and Mary Pappajohn Scholarship Foundation (2013)
In Memory of Yiannis Skarpathiotis - Given by Dr. George Skarpathiotis Family (2013)

Preserving Sponsors: $2,500+
TGS EPSILON INC. - Mrs. Erika Spyropoulos

Sustaining Sponsors: $1,000+
Helen Abadji & Theodore Vakrinos
Mr. Gregory Skarantavos

Supporting Sponsors: Under $1,000
Mrs. Helen C. Bekrakis
Miltiades Bolaris Family
Ms. Vassia Doumas
Mr. & Mrs. Kimon Proussaloglou
Poulos & Bayer C.P.A.
Elena and Anthony Poulos
Psistaria Greek Taverna
Michelle & Petritt Sakolari
Sokratis & Erasmia Sukru
Fr. & Presvetera Demetrios N. Treantafeles
Mr. Angelo Velliotis
Ms. Dorothea K. Zikos