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Hundreds Apply for Scholarship
A significant increase in applicants this year as economy hits families hard



The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation has seen a significant increase in applications this year due party to a tighter economy but also because of the prestige connected with each scholarship award. "The high criteria set by the Foundation, such as the minimum GPA of the 3.5 requirement, make these awards a highly prestigious feat for someone to receive," said Chris P. Tomaras, Chairman of the Foundation.  This year, the Foundation will offer a total of $250,000 in scholarship awards.


While changing lives, the Foundation invests in the future of America as these Greek-Americans, equipped with a top education and endowed with their Hellenic values, are poised to become tomorrow's leaders and contributors to their community and to this great country.


2010 PARADIGM AWARD RECIPIENT - Francis Frangos Townsend

We are delighted to offer our Paradigm Award to our first female recipient, Francis Frangos Townsend, as a distinguished Greek American achiever.  Ms. Townsend is well known as the former Homeland Security Advisor to President George W. Bush and is a frequent CNN National Security Contributor.  Ms. Townsend regularly appears on network and cable television as a counterterrorism, national and homeland security expert.


2010 GALA - Lou Canellis Emcee

Our annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony and Gala will take place on Saturday, November 13 in the illustrious ballroom of the Hilton Chicago.   We are excited to have Lou Canellis, three- time Emmy Award Winner, to emcee our annual gala this year.  This year's dinner will provide a memorable evening and celebration for our best and brightest Greek American students.  Entertainment will be provided by the Chris Sarlas Orchestra with a special appearance by Lexy and Stephany Prodromos.


2010 HELLENISM AWARD - Andrew A. Athens

We regret that Andrew Athens will not be able to join us this year to accept the Hellenism Award due to personal reasons. He and his wife Louise, together with their children and grandchildren, will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in Brussels, on the date when, and in the city where, he and Louise were married. Our congratulations and our wishes for many more.