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The Spirit of Easter - A Unifying Force for Our Community
Easter Greeting from our Chairman Chris P. Tomaras



Red eggs. Koulourakia. Midnight mass. All of these things define how our Greek culture and Orthodox religion create such a blessed holiday for our Community. During Holy Week, we gather together, in the presence of God, to honor the Resurrection. On Saturday at midnight, we pass around the Holy Light, getting close to one another and forming a communal intimacy that cannot be explained—only experienced.


When “Christos Anesti” is countered with “Alithos Anesti,” our voices join together in the brightness of the candlelight and we feel united as a Community. This union is witnessed by bystanders who curiously wonder what brings us all together that night.

Little do they know how strong the spirit of this holiday is for us as Greek-Orthodox Christians, as one unit, as one people. In this spirit, let us all work to ensure the success of our Community efforts; let us embrace and support our youth and their goals; let us have others wonder about the strength of our union; let us share the light within us and around us.

Καλή Ανάσταση! Happy Easter!