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An Inspiring Legacy: Chris P. Tomaras' Lasting Impact


Chris P. Tomaras led a full and meaningful life, and will be remembered as a distinguished businessman, entrepreneur, leader, and philanthropist. Although he was successful in many areas of his life, his most important legacy will live on through the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation.


Mr. Tomaras founded the PanHellenic in 1998 to support financially deserving college students of Hellenic descent as they pursue their higher education. Since then, the Foundation has awarded $2.3 million in scholarships to 322 exceptional Greek American college students.


One such student was Dr. Elizabet Katerina Tassis, a 2008 scholarship recipient. She recently shared how much Mr. Tomaras and her PanHellenic Scholarship Award influenced her life. In 2012, Dr. Tassis graduated from The Johns Hopkins University with degrees in Chemistry and Entrepreneurship & Management. In 2015, she graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. She now works as a registered pharmacist. When describing how the Foundation helped her pursue these academic goals, she says, "The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation holds a special place in my heart. It not only supported my studies financially, but it also gave me the emotional support and determination to strive for greatness."


Dr. Tassis was also inspired by the way the Foundation brings together the Greek American community from across the United States. She reminisces of the night she won her award, "It was fascinating to see Greek Americans from all over our nation come together to support and admire the accomplishments of the young selected students chosen for the award." Since Mr. Tomaras established the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation, it has become a prestigious institution and a place for the Greek American community to collectively celebrate the achievements of the younger generation. This is yet another effect of the admirable legacy Mr. Tomaras has left behind.


Mr. Tomaras hoped that the PanHellenic Scholarship Awards would not only support students during college, but would also inspire them to give back. Dr. Tassis' personal story is evidence that Mr. Tomaras' dream is now a reality. She remembers telling Mr. Tomaras, as a young award recipient, her hope that "one day I would become a successful Hellene and be able to support this same foundation that is honoring me." Now, as a dedicated benefactor of the Foundation, Dr. Tassis writes that she intends to "help students achieve their dreams, the same way the award I received in 2008 helped me reach mine."


Through the students he reached and the Greek American community he tirelessly served, Chris P. Tomaras left a remarkable legacy that will continue to inspire all who have been affected by his life's work. In the words of Dr. Tassis, Mr. Tomaras' "passion and dedication to his philanthropic missions have impacted so many individuals, including myself, that his legacy will live on forever."