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Stavros Niarchos Foundation Becomes Premier Founding Sponsor of Hellenic Birthright


Hellenic Birthright - Broadening PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation's Commitment to Education and Hellenism


Hellenic Birthright, the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation's new cultural enrichment and education program, has received a Premier Founding Sponsorship from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation ( with a generous grant of $25,000.  The Niarchos Foundation is the largest of a growing list of donors who have made contributions supporting Hellenic Birthright.


Hellenic Birthright has been developed to strengthen the Hellenic connection of college students who have never had the opportunity to visit their ancestral home of Greece.  The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation has selected 15 students from a pool of exceptional and qualified applicants to send to Greece, all expenses paid (less airfare), for a five-week visit. Students have expressed their appreciation and enthusiasm for having been selected to participate in this unforgettable experience that will deepen their Hellenic roots. 


"The Board of Directors of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation is pleased to have had the opportunity to sponsor Hellenic Birthright. We believe that their mission to promote education through scholarships and programs exemplifies our goals of achieving a broad, lasting and positive social impact."



"We are very grateful to the Niarchos Foundation for their generosity in helping to underwrite Hellenic Birthright," stated Chris P. Tomaras, Founder and Chairman. "The Niarchos Foundation is an ardent supporter of education and the ideals of Hellenism, which we hold dear. We are now ready to implement this new program and we thank the Stavros Niarchos Foundation together with all our other Donors for helping us make it a reality. We are looking forward to the students experiencing a most memorable journey," continued Mr. Tomaras.


Hellenic Birthright is being launched in conjunction with Anatolia College and their school of Higher Studies, the American College of Thessaloniki.  This unique five-week program offers two accredited courses, tours and excursions that have been carefully choreographed to provide participants who have never been to Greece with a better understanding of its rich history, and create an everlasting bond with their ancestral homeland. 


To become a sponsor of Hellenic Birthright please contact the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation at 312.357­.6432 or click here.




We are grateful to all of our Hellenic Birthright Sponsors



Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Chris P. Tomaras



Dr. Thomas Adams

The Violetta Kapsalis and Robert Andrew Buhler Family

Helen Tomaras-Astin

Tom and Bessie Sotos & Family




Demetri Astin

Rev. Dean and Betty Bouzeos

Fresh Farms International

Jim and Marianthe Logothetis

Mr. & Mrs. John Manos



John Andrews

Margarite and Dr. Dennis & Mrs. Maria Bechis

George and Maria Glyptis

Greek America Foundation

Judge Charles P. & Grace L. Kocoras

Kimon Proussaloglou and Popi Siziopikou

Jim Pappas

Angelos and Fotini Potakis